The Mark by B. D. Edkins – Book Review

The Mark (Jack Kohl Detective Novels Book 1) by B. D. Edkins
Series: Jack Kohl Detective Novels
Published by Spinnaker Books Genres: Crime & Detective Fiction, Murder Mystery, Serial Killer Thriller, Supernatural, Suspense
Pages: 385
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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The Mark (Jack Kohl Detective Novels Book 1) by B. D. Edkins


A sadistic serial killer is stalking the French Quarter, and Detective Jack Kohl has vowed to stop him. Working the French Quarter for the last five years, Jack Kohl thought he had seen it all, but he hadn’t counted on a Voodoo killer. Each victim marked with the symbol of an obscure voodoo god is being slaughtered using a sadistic ritual. The “Charcoal Man” is a vicious killer compelled to rip the soul from his prey, including Jack’s. For Detective Jack Kohl, the pressure never stops. His life is shattered like the shards of a crushed mirror; he struggles with his past, must overcome the present and survive long enough to have a future. He knows that if he is to stop the Charcoal Man, he will have to use some bizarre and unconventional methods, but unconventional is something he knows well.


Set in the French Quarter, New Orleans, B. D. Edkins’s hair-raising thriller, The Mark (Jack Kohl Detective Novels Book 1) follows detective Jack Kohl’s determined efforts as he tries to stop a vicious serial killer.

Kohl, who previously served in Viet Nam, Special Forces, has experienced his fair share of war and death. Now, a detective in the New Orleans Police Department, he faces a case that defies everything he has ever known. A savage serial killer is on the loose. As body after body is found, Kohl and the team grow more desperate to catch the villain. Fueled by a crazy desire to become immortal, the killer carefully calculates each move and leaves a voodoo mark on the bodies. As Kohl struggles to overcome his memories while solving the baffling case, his ability to mentally reconstruct events and receive flashes of the murderer’s actions becomes an invaluable tool in solving the mystery.

The work remains imaginative to the end through its realistic and lively dialogue as well as its well-crafted characters. Kohl is a dynamic main character, sometimes a friendly colleague and other times his personality changes to that of a well-trained warrior. The plot does not lose momentum, with each body found, the pressure mounts and the detectives have to work fast to apprehend the killer. The inclusion of a supernatural strand to the already gripping story makes the work a page-turner. The supporting characters that include other detectives working with Kohl are critical in creating a convincing work environment that introduces an element of antagonism which Kohl has to work through. Gruesome in some parts, the work remains readable.

Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends The Mark (Jack Kohl Detective Novels Book 1) by B. D. Edkins. It is a successful story that brims with imaginative scenes, believable characters, engaging dialogue and a fascinating plot.
Reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews

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