Deadly Choices by Wendy Gilbert-Grey 

Deadly Choices by Wendy Gilbert-Grey
Genres: Breast Cancer Awareness, Education & Reference, Health & Body, Self-Help, Women's Nonfiction
Pages: 77
Format: Kindle
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Deadly Choices: The Myths, Lies and the Over-Diagnosed – Secrets that May Help You Reverse Breast Cancer
by Wendy Gilbert-Grey 


If 2,000 women are screened regularly for ten years, one women will benefit from the screening, as she will avoid dying from breast cancer. At the same time, ten healthy women will, as a consequence, become cancer patients and will be treated unnecessarily. This can happen from being misdiagnosed and/or accumulative radiation ionization. These women will have either a part of their breast or the whole breast surgically removed, and they will often receive radiotherapy, and sometimes chemotherapy as well as being medicated for the rest of their lives. Inside you will read the toxic truth and deception that will uncover total medical fragmentation in the Health care system. This book is to help you find choices in your decision and hopefully help you understand that you have time to change the outcome.


Deadly Choices by Wendy Gilbert-Grey is a book that every person encountering cancer, or wanting to prevent cancer, should read.  Packed with solid, well-researched advice and further study links, this book is a powerful educational tool.

Wendy Gilbert-Grey starts by introducing herself, a valid beginning if we are trust the advice offered.  I took from this introduction that she is a well-learned lady who is also a practitioner in Biofield Tuning and a master practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming – to name just two of her hats.  Wendy wants to empower us (especially women) to be able to make right choices in our lives, choices that point to good health.  Her aim is to move a person into a healing state and assist with the management of disease and illness.

Although this is a quick short read (a good book to dip in and out of) it is laced with loads of helpful things.  For instance, there is a list of questions that every woman facing breast cancer should take with her when she visits the hospital.  Truly invaluable advice, my friend recently went through breast cancer and I remember her saying that her head was full of questions but when she arrived in front of the surgeon her mind went blank.  But these aren’t just general questions though; Wendy’s list is very specific, and exactly what you need to be asking.  I also didn’t know that when checking yourself for lumps (catching breast cancer early advice) that there is actually a whole list of things you should be checking for, I was shocked, I’d never heard this advice before and I’m no spring chicken!

Deadly Choices touches on food choices and why we should avoid certain foods, stress and why we should avoid it and medicines and medical advice with a serious look at how we should be questioning everything.  I felt as I read that ‘alternative medicine’ should be re-named ‘alternative thinking’ for surely our brain is the most powerful thing we possess.

I came out of this book feeling empowered and encouraged, it is definitely a book that I will keep for reference and further study and contemplation.  Therefore, Deadly Choices by Wendy Gilbert-Grey is highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

Reviewed by T N Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

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