No Pit So Deep Book 2 – by James Nathaniel Miller II

No Pit So Deep (The Cody Musket Story Book 2) Series: The Cody Musket Story
Published by Lions Tail Books Genres: Action, Adventure, Children in Peril, Christian Fiction, Hard Boiled Mystery, Kidnapping Thriller, Organized Crime, Suspenseful & Thrilling
Pages: 256
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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No Pit So Deep: The Cody Musket Story Book 2 by James Nathaniel Miller, II


“A future Christian classic! A un-put-downable-novel for ages 10 and up!” – Ashley Elizabeth Blair Tetzlaff”. . . all that goes with military and civilian interaction, real life situations and a dash of fiction tossed in . . .” – Robert W. Busby, US Dept. of Defense (ret) Cody has become a baseball icon, but plays a more dangerous game. The former US Marine spearheads a secret war on child traffickers–to seek and destroy with no one suspecting, rescuing hundreds of kids in the process. But soon his secret is out, and traffickers retaliate by abducting 6-year-old Knoxi. Cody and Brandi lead a team of avengers to rescue her in South America, but the resourceful girl has the trafficker’s right where she wants them, and becomes a symbol of hope, resulting in the liberation of an entire nation.


In his amazing second novel, No Pit So Deep: The Cody Musket Story Book 2, author, James Nathaniel Miller, II takes a moment to reintroduce us to the Cody and Brandi Musket Story, then off we go on some harrowing adventures, not of their making. A remarkable story and read!

Four years had passed since their late-night romantic wedding and now they were back in the thick-of-things. Their daughter, Knoxi, was kidnapped and her father Cody would put together the team to rescue her, hopefully with Brandi staying on the sidelines for her own safety. Well, you can guess how that worked out. Knoxi was just seven-years-old when thugs from a South American cartel kidnapped her in retaliation for the Musket’s worldwide fight against human trafficking.

A secretly crafted off-the-hook shadow division of their Planned Childhood Foundation was led by Cody without Brandi’s knowledge to keep her at a safe distance. The code name was Rosa’s Cantina, its purpose was to combat child trafficking – to search, destroy, and rescue without no one expecting. They were making a difference and the leader of the cartel, Salvador Escundo, backed by powerful thugs noticed and planned to stop them. Cody hired an exceptional team of comrades in arms to snatch Knoxi from the hands of the children traffickers. Not knowing where they’d taken her brought a set of problems of its own. Cody’s only hope was Knoxi would find a way to use the code he’d given her to contact him directly. The mission to find and release Knoxi from the criminal sadists takes many harrowing twists and turns, ones you’ll want to read for yourself for firsthand knowledge of their nightmarish Amazon jungle experience with the cartel in hot pursuit.

In No Pit So Deep Book 2, the skillfully developed characters come full circle, with some in the most extraordinary ways. Where we originally began the story with Cody leaving Brandi for a meeting in downtown Houston, will find its way back in the dramatic and extraordinary conclusion. Other excellent supporting characters such as Benito Santiago, played an important role and will take a leadership position in his country’s government.

Miller’s outstanding fictional story based on true events brings our attention to a world-wide plague on society – human trafficking. This is an exceptionally well-written novel of hope, faith, and deliverance. Another 5 star novel written by exemplary writer and author, James Nathaniel Miller, II. No Pit So Deep: The Cody Musket Story Book 2 by James Nathaniel Miller, II is highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.
Review by CJ Bowen for Artisan Book Reviews

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