Hazel’s Home by Rosanna Rae – Book Review

Hazel’s Home by Rosanna Rae
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Feel Good Fiction
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Hazel’s Home by Rosanna Rae 


Meeting Blake Hennessey in New York changes Hazel Munro’s life forever. He is the charismatic, sophisticated boss of the advertising company she works for. She is immediately smitten and is astonished when she realizes he feels the same way! His friend Zac thinks she is a blatant gold-digger, but when Blake proposes to her, there is a much bigger bone of contention – where the two of them will live. Hazel’s home is in Scotland and she has no intention of moving to Manhattan. Sparks fly when Hazel realizes exactly what Blake’s “compromise” is on this issue and the future doesn’t look quite so rosy for either of them. A personal shock forces Hazel to deal with a life-changing situation, which alters her point of view. Meanwhile, however, Blake has developed a major problem of his own. He is heading alone down a long, dark tunnel. Can Hazel reach him in time to avert disaster and save him from himself?


Hazel’s Home by Rosanna Rae is an enjoyable, easy-to-read romance with wonderful characters and a well-written, engaging and memorable storyline.

Hazel works for a company in Scotland, which is a subsidiary of an American corporation run and owned by the rich and handsome Blake.  Out of the blue one day, Hazel is called to work in the New York office for a short time.  She is taken by surprise when, within just a few short meetings, she realizes she’s falling in love with her boss.

Although, a level-headed lady she is caught up by Blake’s charismatic personality and finds herself being swept off her feet.  Blake is also taken by surprise by how quickly he develops feelings for Hazel, even to the extent that he wants to take her home to meet his parents, something he never does.  Both main characters are interesting and rounded and come across as real.  They both have friends that feature in the story who are also interesting and genuine.

Quickly smitten with each other Blake proposes and Hazel accepts.  As with real life though, they haven’t really sat down and worked out whether they are compatible in their hopes and dreams for the future, and a rift appears which seems to be too great a gap to overcome. Running away from the situation, Hazel goes home to her treasured Scotland, only to find that everything is changing which causes her to reflect on her life choices.

Hazel’s Home is one of my favorite kind of books to read.  It’s a sweet, clean romance that is easy-to-read, engaging and allowing the reader to switch off and relax whilst they lose themselves in a well-written story.  Whether curling up on the sofa at home, or reading on holiday this is a book you will enjoy.

This book is a sweet romance which is captivating and a delight to read and easily holds your attention from the very first chapter to the very last page. Hazel’s Home by Rosanna Rae is recommended to all romance lovers by Artisan Book Reviews.

Reviewed by TN Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews

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