Nancy Bo and Ergonwold’s Nest by Paul Scales

Nancy Bo and Ergonwold's Nest by Paul Scales
Published by Vanguard Press on April 18, 2019
Genres: Adventure, Children's Books, Fantasy, Magical & Mystical, Pre-Teen Fiction, Suspenseful & Thrilling, Teens Fiction
Pages: 325
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Nancy Bo and Ergonwold’s Nest by Paul Scales


On the eve of her eleventh birthday, Nancy Bo Jones is forced to move from her happy home. As she struggles to adjust to her new life, a chance encounter leads her to The Home for the Incurably Curious – a library within a library.

Could a peculiar book cure her sadness?

Nancy Bo and her friends are guided into a strange, parallel universe where thoughts and feelings dramatically impact the environment. But something sinister is attempting to manipulate the atmosphere. The children must find Ergonwold, the only creature capable of restoring harmony in this kaleidoscopic world.

A gripping adventure of dark magic, weird creatures, enchanted landscapes, and frantic pursuits…


Nancy Bo and Ergonwold’s Nest by Paul Scales is a captivating, enchanting tale set in a very curious, beautiful and amazing realm. This is one of those rare books that must be made into a movie.

Nancy Bo is an eleven year old girl who is attempting to adapt to her new life after being forced to move from her safe and loving home. She is struggling and sad. However, her destiny changes when fate steps in and she is unexpectedly lead to a strange library where she discovers – The Home for the Incurably Curious.

A marvelous adventure begins for Nancy Bo and her friends. They are shown the way to a peculiar, alternate dimension where all things are impacted by everyone’s thoughts and emotions. A curious place – indeed. When a menacing threat seeks to change their quality of life, Nancy Bo and her trusted friends set out to find Ergonwold, a mystical being who can bring back the unity to this colorful, enchanting and wondrous world.

Readers are in for the adventure of a lifetime to a magical realm where evil “attempts” to prevail, while good and harmony truly triumphs. Author, Paul Scales has a tremendous imagination which is unique, profound and creative. His descriptive language brings this magical tale and land to life with its miraculous setting, vivid, colorful scenery, magical beautiful creatures, dark sinister beings and superlative strong characters. The premise of this story is unbelievable, fascinating, peculiar, suspenseful and surprising. From the very first chapter, I was fully captivated and felt like I was transported to an enchanting lush and beautiful land, and delighted in the many various magical and mystical creatures. The storyline and plot is incredible, gripping and woven together magnificently.

This is a highly recommended, 5-star fantasy tale filled with adventure, dark magic, beautiful creatures and a dream-like enchanting setting – unlike anything I have ever experienced. The cover for this book is absolutely amazing, and the author’s writing style is incredible. Get a copy of Nancy Bo and Ergonwold’s Nest by Paul Scales, and don’t miss out on this original, gripping, remarkable and extraordinary fantasy tale.
Book reviewed by Sophia Giada for Artisan Book Reviews

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