Paper Dolls: Book 2 by Robert Tucker

Paper Dolls: Book 2 by Robert Tucker
Series: Paper Dolls Series Book 2
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Paper Dolls: Book 2 in the Paper Dolls Series by award winning athor Robert Tucker

Paper Dolls is the memoir of a girl who becomes a young woman in a passionate search for an enduring friendship. Deprived of her older sister, Tess Vanderveer, by the neediness of an Irish ghetto girl, Dove Delaney,

Gwen also loses the friendship of Millie Dietz, the beautiful daughter of the family cook and housekeeper, Gladys. Gwen’s mother takes Millie away to the high society of New York City in the 1930s and 1940s.

Book two in the Paper Dolls Series examines some of the extreme gender bias toward women in all areas of life, but especially against those who worked as Rosie the Riveter or journalists and other once male-only jobs, both during and after the war. Gwen transforms from a meek and quiet young girl to a mature woman both willing and able to assert her independence and shine a light on injustices toward women.

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If you like falling back in time to the 30s, 40s & 50s, then you will greatly enjoy this trip through American history in Paper Dolls by Robert Tucker. With wonderful, vivid, soul stirring descriptions that bring these bygone eras to life, the author brilliantly presents this fascinating fictional story in the form of a remarkable young woman, Gwen Vanderveer’s, memoir.

My heart went out to Gwen from the very beginning. With parents uninterested in her, and a sister who prefers the company of a lass from the poor area of Roxbury, Gwen is left alone with the cook-come-housekeeper as her only friend. The Vanderveer sisters (in the name-calling of Dove Delany the girl from Roxbury) are high-hats, or in other words, snobs. However, this is not true. They are simply products of the society and class into which they were born. Throughout the story, the author highlights the accepted degradation of being a woman in that time and era. During the war, we learn how women poured into work positions never previously held by women. Even Gwen becomes a newspaper reporter moving out of what her high-society mother would call acceptable behavior. Beyond this new visual movement of women lies the undercurrent of prejudices along with the antiquated ways of thinking and the inherent ideas on what being a woman means. Paper Dolls is such a clever and thought-provoking story. There were many superb and influential sentences in the book that made me stop and reflect, but this passage, which held a sense of inspiration and meaning for me, is my absolute favorite: “At thirty-six, I had arrived at a point in my life where it was time, I stole something for myself… my self-respect.” This was an exciting powerful moment in the story for me. Being a woman from a different era, I did struggle with Gwen’s life story. However, this is a triumphant and delightful instance that lifts and fills the spirit with encouragement, joy, and hopeful anticipation for the future. Gwen comes across as a survivor, a realist, and a persistent strong woman, taking on one rejection after the other and remaining positive while constantly seeking the good in every situation.

Robert Tucker has proven over and over again with many remarkable, award winning novels that he is a fine, skillful writer and an outstanding storyteller who knows his history well. He has brought the American feminist movement to light in his superbly written, beautiful and fascinating novel, Paper Dolls.  I grabbed a hardcover copy of this amazing book to display on my home bookshelf because of its quality, beautiful book cover that perfectly conveys the era of the story. Paper Dolls Book 2 by Robert Tucker is a must-read historical fiction, and women’s literary novel and comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book read and reviewed by Emily Christy for ABR.

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