Food Fight! by Thea Lambert – ABR Book Excellence Award Winner

Food Fight!: An Enemies to Lovers, Reality TV Romance (Mouthwatering Series) by Thea Lambert
Series: Mouthwatering Series
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Alt="food fight by thea lambert"Food Fight!: An Enemies to Lovers, Reality TV Romance (Mouthwatering Series) by Thea Lambert

She’ll have the world on a plate…if she can keep from falling for the man she hates.

Chef Charlie is thrilled to be a participant on television’s newest competition Food Fight! A win will prove her talent as well as provide a cash prize she needs to pay off the large loan on her food truck. But to Charlie’s dismay, her plans are upended when she discovers her high school nemesis Drew is also a contestant.

He’s the bad boy of the culinary world but Drew still harbors guilt for his past behavior to Charlie. However, he desperately needs to win for the competition’s prize money as well as redemption for his shady loss on another TV cooking contest. When Charlie trounces Drew in the first leg of the bout, he realizes that she is his obstacle to victory. He must find a way to make sure he wins and not her. And what better way for a player to get the competition off her game than by romancing her?

But soon Drew is falling for his mark and Charlie begins to question her mistrust of Drew. Can two people have a chance at forever when each has so much to lose?

Food Fight by Thea Lambert is a fun, easy to read, romantic comedy and comes very highly recommended–ChickLitCafé.com

Note: Each book in the Mouthwatering series is a standalone story with its own HEA!

Book review:

If you love romance, humor, exceptional food and a lighthearted passionate story that will entertain you, make you laugh and captivate you from start to finish, you’ll love Food Fight! An Enemies to Lovers, Reality TV Romance by Thea Lambert. It’s a truly creative, clever, fun and fantastic romantic comedy. Readers will be craving the sequel as soon as they turn the last page.

Charlie Heffernan is a self-made chef who has worked hard for her career. It’s really kicking off when she and her food truck, Comforts of Home, get the opportunity to compete in a televised food truck cooking competition. She is pumped, but there is just one hitch—her handsome nemesis, Drew Salinger, is a contestant, too. Once childhood friends, Drew, or “Andy” as Charlie remembers him, was the one person who was responsible for her hellish high school experience. Now, he is not just trying to beat her in the competition but to woo her, too. But will she be able to beat him and resist his charm? And the bigger question—can she forgive him for what he put her through in high school?

Thea Lambert has done a fantastic job. It’s like watching a cooking show, but with a romance intertwined. It has a great thought-out and well written plot with passion and lots of exciting romantic tension (that readers can feel) and the whole story is excellently put together. It can be a challenge to write humorous dialogue successfully, but Thea Lambert is proving to be a pro. She does this skillfully, avoiding cheesiness or overused phrases. She really is an exceptional writer with a unique humorous and clever voice. I couldn’t put Food Fight! down. It kept me up laughing, intrigued and turning the pages late into the night, and all to find out what could happen next. And this novel does not disappoint. It is as entertaining and satisfying as a 5 star meal, with the best red wine and a delectable dessert on the side.

The best things about this one-of-a-kind book are the storyline and the food descriptions that are bound to make readers hungry for more! Thea Lambert has an amazing way with words with her expressive descriptions that put the reader right there on the scene watching on. This is the best kind of writing when you feel like you can see, hear, smell, feel, taste and even long for whatever the characters are longing for. When you escape and become a part of the story. That is how this book made me feel. Food Fight! Extraordinary writing of a humorous romantic comedy with heart, passion and excitement.

And Foodies and fans of amusing, stirring, passionate and deeply romantic HEAs will love and savor this first book in the Mouthwatering Series Food Fight! by Thea Lambert.

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Food Fight!: An Enemies to Lovers, Reality TV Romance by Thea Lambert
Has Won First Place in the
ABR Book Excellence Award Contest
for best
Romantic Comedy & Happily Ever After Novel
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Food Fight is part of the humorous and uplifting
Mouthwatering Series
(4 books)
Check the entire award winning series today.
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