Fangs of Deception by TK Orbelyan

Fangs of Deception by TK Orbelyan
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Alt="fangs of deception"Fangs of Deception by TK Orbelyan

We couldn’t care less about what a tiny minority of people think they know. We own the media, we own the courts. Hell, we own the whole bloody system, everything. There’s no stopping what we’re doing, Terry. Surely you’ve understood that by now.”

Just days after Carl Palmer introduces his new girlfriend to his cousin Terry at a family get-together, where he reveals explosive information he has discovered about the pandemic and the vaccines, he disappears into thin air. This forces Terry to delve into the world of ‘conspiracy theories’ and uncover the truth behind his cousin’s disappearance whilst undergoing a soul-searching journey of his own.

Exploring the themes of self-empowerment, anti-conformity and loss of innocence, Fangs of Deception is a gripping psychological thriller that offers a dystopian vision of a world in which both the mainstream media and world governments are pawns in a nefarious globalist plan for humanity.

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Written with incredible depth and skill, TK Orbelyan’s immersive dystopian thriller, Fangs of Deception, features powerful, evil forces that are controlling a syndicate of global organizations and manipulating global events.

When his cousin is mysteriously abducted days after introducing his elusive girlfriend, Terry believes his disappearance is connected to Carl’s investigation concerning sinister events surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines. As Terry digs deeper, he discovers that the world is being controlled by an enemy whose influence is beyond what he can conceive. When he uncovers the truth about Carl’s disappearance, he comes face to face with Carl’s abductors and becomes more convinced of the reasons behind Carl’s abduction.

The story’s hair-raising suspense starts from the beginning as details about the agenda behind the Covid-19 vaccines are covered and economic tension rises. The intrigue continues to the end as Terry searches for answers concerning the events leading up to Carl’s disappearance and as other unexpected twists arise following his investigation.

TK Orbelyan twists the personal lives of the characters and the main plot together, creating compelling, realistic characters. After shifting from the high-pressure, fast-paced environment he worked in, Terry now owns a bookshop in Bloomsbury whose existence is threatened by the state of the UK economy. He fears for his family as he embarks on his current investigation but is determined to find Carl, who has been like a brother to him. Other interesting characters add to the intrigue of the plot with their captivating backstories.

The uncanny similarity between events included in the plot and actual global events that have unfolded in the recent past makes the story riveting and thought-provoking. The work challenges commonly held beliefs about Covid-19’s origin, the source and effects of the vaccines, and the global economic slowdown. It includes details about the UK’s economy and explores factors that have led to its current state. It also examines various conspiracy theories surrounding these events and the possibilities of the truth they may hold.

TK Orbelyan pens an intriguing thriller that threads real-world events into its high-intensity, masterfully crafted storyline. Readers will love its engrossing plot, incredible characters, fascinating descriptive writing, and the many extremely thought-provoking insights and concepts. Fangs of Deception by TK Orbelyan comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.
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Fangs of Deception by TK Orbelyan
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