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Home Rule (The Tribal Wars Book 3) by Stella Atrium
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Alt="home rule by stella atrium"Home Rule (The Tribal Wars Book 3) by Stella Atrium

Photojournalist Hershel Henry witnesses the self-torching of tribal women protesting to the oppressive rule of Rabbenu Ely. While Brianna Miller seeks peace among the tribes, Kelly sets the bride price for a wedding at Stargate Junction.

Artisan Book Reviews – Home Rule:

An epic page-turner, Home Rule by Stella Atrium is a masterpiece of science fiction world-building and plotting. Terrific—a powerful, commanding, political, sci-fi with soul.

Hershel grounds us in this epic sci-fi full of a myriad of characters. He’s a cameraman come journalist and human, or a ‘soft-cheeks’ as the otherworld people call them. His amiable personality and desire for honest reporting get him invited where others might fear to tread. The world-building is epic. The different types of people, tribes, and creatures are wonderfully depicted. The giant (lizard’esk) guaralep’s are extraordinary and I love the dreamworld connection between them and other species.

I have really enjoyed all the books in the series, but Home Rule introduces a touch more magic and creates an awe that builds as the story progresses. I immediately love the new mysterious and mystical character introduced near the end of the book, and that will definitely propel me to read the next in the series. The descriptions of people, creatures, planets, and space stations are dynamic. But underpinning all of that is the magnificent plot. It is hard to catch the essence of the story with just a few words as there is so much happening, but for me, the core of this series is based on a handful of women. Strong determined women who behind the scenes plot, move, and pull strings; weaving together a myriad of small events in a master plan to bring change to the tribes and planets. They move their key people around the planets like maestro chess players. Covertly scheming and bringing about their long-term end-game which is to bring down the ruler Rabbenu Ely and orchestrate home rule. Underestimated, ignored, bypassed, and treated horrendously, these women rise above it all with patience, intelligence and skill.

Stella Atrium writes with flare, her storytelling is incredibly fluid and gripping. With vivid and memorable characters, gorgeously imaginative settings, and a plot that is thought-provoking, you will be hooked to the last page—and then want more! This ingeniously constructed and deeply absorbing novel comes very highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book proudly reviewed by Emma Christy for Artisan Book Reviews.

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Home Rule (The Tribal Wars Book 3) by Stella Atrium
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“I was a great reader of science fiction as a young person, but I began to wonder why the protagonist in a sci-fi or fantasy story was always a man, even when the writer was female. Where were the stories that presented a woman as the problem solver?

A real heroine cannot call on armies to follow her, or pay assassins for special work. She may have children already, so adventure is out of the question, and her family must be secure before she can enter the public square where she has no voice.

So how does a story shape if the young hero must solve problems that girls experience in ways that females address problems? I could find no books that started with this premise, so I had to write some. And that was my first reason to write.

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