The Reprobates by Benjamin Grose

The Reprobates by Benjamin Grose
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Alt="the reprobates"The Reprobates by Benjamin Grose

For those who remember what it is like to be lost, and suffering from a death of the soul — this is a black comedy that turns a tainted mirror on to some of the most accepted and corrosive problems in our society.

Welcome to Munks, home to the lost, the lonely, and those in perpetual limbo. The ceiling is sweating, the floor is sodden and sticky with booze and vomit, the music is screaming through the speakers, the air is thick and heavy with sweat, the latest up-and-coming band are making an escape from the stage following their last song, the bouncers stand on the sidelines, watching, numb to the noise, and the wild bunch, the reprobates, throng to the bar to slake an endless thirst. They will drink and dance and chew each other’s faces off until the well is as dry and as black as their souls, and the manager is closing all the fire exits as a new dawn fades.

But the glory days cannot go on forever. Cracks are starting to show. Everyone in town says that Munks is not like it used to be. New owners with wayward ideas are determined to clean up this place of historic moral bankruptcy and bring the ‘big’ bands back to have their breakthrough moment on a dying dance floor.

Amongst the rot, the decay, the crime, and the hedonism — a young man tries to save the club from ruin, instead of saving both himself and everyone in it.

Both a brilliant social commentary, and a rip-roaring page-turner that will have you wondering just what insane event will occur next, ‘The Reprobates’ is a novel that examines those dark spaces we hide in, concealing ourselves within plain sight, a subject where very few novels have gone before.

Artisan Book Reviews:

The Reprobates by Benjamin Grose is an enlightening, enthralling and entertaining read.  Reading this book feels like turning a black light on in a dark underground club—it illuminates every hidden flaw that society tries to keep under wraps.   

The Munks is a nightclub, a bar, and a venue for up-and-coming bands.  The staff have seen it all—from a poop throwing fight in the Gents restroom to drunk men peeing in the corners of the dance floor.  They’ve all worked together so long that they know the ropes of the club—they know how to meet the needs of the drunken, disorderly, and deranged who grace their sticky, mildewed floors each night.  They know their clientele and know their trade—until new owners Karen and Terry buy The Munks and attempt to class up the joint and turn it into a nightclub. 

Benjamin Grose writes from a truly informed point of view. He is a man who must have seen life at its lowest, at its most inebriated.  His writing reflects these experiences in such a way that readers will continue turning pages to see what antics the customers will create, cause, or coordinate at each turn.  I spent page after page shaking my head horrified and simultaneously eager to see what next insane event would occur –especially in the decrepit, disgusting bathrooms.  

If you’re up for finding out where the lowest people can go when wasted, this book is written for you.  It’s funny, wry, and informative in only the way an author who knows his craft and his subject can be.  The Reprobates by Benjamin Grose is a worthy read for everyone and comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by Rachel McMahon.

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