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Eventually, They All Fall by Jenna Marcus
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Alt="Eventually, They All Fall by Jenna Marcus"Eventually, They All Fall by Jenna Marcus

“A cross between Harry Potter and Stranger Things because the main characters were all kids who go on danger-filled adventures.” 
—City Book Review

“Fantasy fans will relish this enticing, attention-grabbing read.”

“I adored the world-building on show in this book as Domino’s powers are established and then developed and elaborated upon as the story moves forward.” —K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

“Marcus offers a YA novel about a superpowered high schooler and his pals who go on a mission to save the world from an earth-shaking threat.” —Kirkus Review

Imagination mastermind author, Jenna Marcus has expertly demonstrated the depths of her excellent writing skills, creativity and unique storytelling ability in Eventually, They All Fall—Artisan Book Reviews.

Eventually, They All Fall by Jenna Marcus

Domino Garrison knows that he is the king of all that is weird, but he would rather abdicate that throne. He would rather be a normal teenager who just goes to school and works at a bookstore—and for all intents and purposes—that’s exactly how he appears to his peers; however, aside from his best friend, Griswold, no one knows Domino’s secret, or his secrets. His father abandoned him and his only family—his mom—when he was 5 years old, and his mom is a drug addict who has a parade of men coming in and out of their home. Domino has the unique and extraordinary ability to see into other people’s fantasies. He thinks this ability is pretty useless; however, little does he know that his ability is more powerful and expansive than he thinks.

When extraordinary circumstances begin to occur, like massive earthquakes hitting the East coast, exotic animals wandering around zoos that they had not escaped from, and black sludge eviscerating everything in its path, Domino soon discovers that not only can he see fantasies, but he can also pull these fantasies into reality; however, doing so causes horrendous pain and mental anguish as Domino is concerned that the power he has could corrupt his mind.

However, he knows that it is up to him—with the support of his friends Griswold and Lucy, and his boss Miles—to put a stop to the unnatural occurrences plaguing the earth before it is too late.

Artisan Book Reviews:

Seeing other people’s fantasies can be a heavy burden to bear, especially when you’re just a high schooler. Imagination mastermind author, Jenna Marcus has expertly demonstrated the depths of her excellent writing skills, creativity and unique storytelling ability in Eventually, They All Fall.

Fifteen-year-old Domino Garrison is not like his peers. For one thing, he has a heroin-addicted mother, and for another, he can literally see other people’s imaginations, even the gross ones. His father abandoned him, leaving Domino with his last words, “Eventually, they all fall.” Domino has had his whole life to reflect on these words and still doesn’t know what they mean or how they could possibly relate to his weird abilities. When strange and peculiar incidences begin afflicting the natural world and many weird things start happening all over, Domino and his friends Griswold and Lucy begin to put the pieces together and start to figure out what is going on.

Eventually, They All Fall is an original , exciting teen urban fantasy novel that is an entirely unique, enthralling, and gripping read. It has so much thought-provoking depth and carries many relevant and exiting themes. Jenna Marcus’s incredible ideas are captivating, and entertaining. I loved how Domino’s abilities develop and become a powerful asset as he and his friends face many dangers on their journey and quest to save civilization and the earth from a momentous threat which could end in disaster. Eventually, They All Fall would also make a great movie due to its expressive, powerful and visually stunning worldbuilding and magnificent scenes. The story’s unique, Energetic and fascinating plot and intriguing characters would translate well onto the big screen, providing a visually stunning and resonant experience for audiences.

Overall, Eventually, They All Fall by Jenna Marcus is incredibly fresh, entertaining, and certain to leave readers longing for more from this amazing author. It is a must-read for fans of young adult, urban fantasy and comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.  Book reviewed by Michaela G. for Artisan Book Reviews

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Eventually, They All Fall by Jenna Marcus
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