The Daisy Tannenbaum Misadventure Series by J. T. Allen

The Daisy Tannenbaum Misadventure Series by J. T. Allen
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Alt="the daisy"The Daisy Tannenbaum Misadventure Series by J. T. Allen

Daisy and the Pirates, written by award-winning author J.T. Allen, introduces Daisy Tannenbaum, age eleven, an incorrigible tomboy, who doesn’t want to go back to school. When she ends up washed ashore on a remote island in the Indian Ocean after her family is accidentally kidnapped by modern pirates, she lets the rescue boat pass by. For her, this is paradise. Her family, however, is unprepared to cope with conditions on the island. Nothing ruins paradise like having your stupid family around. But Daisy makes the most of it, fighting off sharks, pirates, and scorpion attacks, finding buried treasure, and rescuing her family despite herself. Move over Swiss Family Robinson as Daisy Tannenbaum swings into action in this first in a charming series of adventure and mystery stories that can be enjoyed by readers young and old.

Alt="the daisy"The second in the series, Daisy in Exile continues with now twelve-year-old Daisy back on the mainland but when she gets expelled from school for punching a bully to defend her best friend Lucia, she gets sent to live and homeschool in Paris with her Aunt Mill. Daisy finds her enigmatic aunt, a former spy, moonlighting as a cryptographer, working to decipher an antique code used by Louis XVI’s secret service during their covert operation to recover the infamous Queen’s Diamonds from Comtesse de la Motte. Daisy gets involved in a serpentine plot involving forged documents, secret codes, and priceless diamonds, all while trying to keep up with her math and French lessons in a fast-paced and fun mystery adventure set in Paris.

Alt="the daisy"The third installment is the newly released Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa which finds Daisy, almost thirteen, precocious as ever, visiting a rambling château to help her Aunt Mill’s friend, former-spymaster Felix, catalog his art collection. When Daisy receives a copy of the Mona Lisa as a thank you gift from Felix, strange things start to happen. Not just any copy, it’s one of two perfect forgeries created to fool the Nazis during their hunt for the real Mona Lisa in WWII. Daisy’s best friend from the states, Lucia, a newly minted teen model in Paris to audition for the spring runway shows, thinks Daisy’s Mona is the real one. Real or not, it’s worth a fortune, and when Felix suddenly dies, his family accuses Daisy of stealing it. Daisy must navigate a world of scheming, frequently criminal adults, not to mention traveling ghosts, ginormous pigs, testy lawyers, and obnoxious fashionistas, as she endeavors to keep her beloved Mona.

J.T. Allen has created an unforgettable character and written an engaging fun, fast-paced and entertaining adventure series that will appeal to young readers and their parents looking for a strong, smart, fun and relatable characters in youth literature. Daisy’s adventures are so exciting, amusing and unusual that they don’t have or need magic. No dragons, no magic wands, no mirrors to walk through.  While things or events may seem supernatural, they always resolve with a plausible explanation in the end. With each book Daisy gets a little older, slightly more sophisticated, more circumspect, and more perceptive. Like a Dan Brown or Carol Keene mystery with Daisy Tannenbaum at the helm rather than Robert Langdon or Nancy Drew, readers will have fun and learn a few interesting facts along the way. And each book in the series can stand on its own so readers will not have to have read the other books to enjoy each rollicking tale but they certainly will want to catch up on Daisy’s other misadventures afterwards! After pirates and Paris what lies ahead for Daisy? Thankfully J.T. Allen has plans for more books to add to this exciting, entertaining, one-of-a-kind must read series. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends The Daisy Tannenbaum Misadventure Series by J. T. Allen

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Alt="the daisy"

Daisy and the Pirates
Daisy in Exile
Daisy and the Missing Mona Lisa

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