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Darkness of Blue by Gary A James
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Inspector Myles Konrad is surrounded by constant darkness on the street and even on the force. In the present, Konrad is haunted by a past he has not yet confronted. He has since been removed from those around him. As a police detective in Oklahoma City, Konrad was a part of a special task unit. He would confront and suppress a growing problem in the communities: gang activity. A rash decision was made that led to the death of an innocent civilian. Konrad continued his mission throughout the communities, facing dangerous situations and some of the most ruthless criminals throughout the regions. He was faced with conflict among his colleagues on the force, with it—possible corruption. After recalling those events, will Konrad confront his past and do what he knows he should do?

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Exploring complex issues about gang violence, racial bias, and police brutality, Darkness of Blue by Gary A James is an essential, piercing mystery novel based in Oklahoma.

Seventeen years later, Myles Konrad, a second-generation policeman, still struggles with the tragic mistakes that occurred while he worked for the Oklahoma City police department. He revisits Oklahoma hoping to face past events that have tormented him for years and hopefully repair his relationship with his distant father. The novel offers a broad perspective of the themes it covers by including different viewpoints from convicts, gang members, and the police. It uncovers the gaps in the police force through riveting scenes. Its prologue includes a striking scene involving a black man stopped by the police and in which devastating mistakes are made. The scene is also used as a focal point in the novel as it marks Konrad’s turning point. As the protagonist in the novel, Konrad’s experiences offer a closer look into the lives of police officers. His opinions are also used to explore possible long-term solutions to the issue of gang violence. He opposes the use of unmerited violence in combating crime but is surrounded by colleagues with divergent views. Though he is flawed, he is also humane in other aspects. Revealing dialogue from members of various gangs is included. Some of the members’ backgrounds are also explored and they show how their backgrounds contribute to who they chose to become. While it covers the reality of gang life including incarceration, death, drug involvement, and addiction, the story also contains hopeful messages that those involved in gang life can turn their lives around. This is an excellent, remarkable and must read story, with incredible characters and a riveting thought-provoking plot!!

Darkness of Blue by Gary A James is a well-written compelling, suspenseful thriller with moving, gripping scenes that explore its powerful themes and comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews & Promotions.

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