Ötzi’s Odyssey: The Troubled Soul of a Neolithic Iceman by Neil Perry Gordon

Ötzi's Odyssey: The Troubled Soul of a Neolithic Iceman by Neil Perry Gordon
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Alt="Ötzi's Odyssey"Ötzi’s Odyssey: The Troubled Soul of a Neolithic Iceman by Neil Perry Gordon

Ötzi’s Odyssey – The Troubled Soul of a Neolithic Iceman, opens in the year 1991 with the remarkable sighting of a mummified man, half frozen in glacial ice, whom two hikers stumble upon. Along with this profound archeological discovery, the soul of this five-thousand-year-old iceman is awakened.

Ötzi the iceman’s adventure takes him to the modern era, where his observant soul tries to comprehend why it remains tethered to the frozen mummy, as well as to make sense of a technologically advanced world. The story then returns to 3300 BCE, to the life and times of clan chief Bhark as he lives with his family in a peaceful village upon stilt homes clinging to the shore of the great Lake Neith, located in the shadows of ominous Similaun Mountain.

Bhark and his family are ambushed by his rival Shadrach, who insists that he, not Bhark, is the clan’s rightful heir. A subsequent encounter with the soul hunter Creyak, who promises to return to Bhark all that was lost, sends our hero on a perilous journey into the four demonic realms of Gehenna. Along the way, he receives wisdom from Miko the Seer and guidance from his clairvoyant daughter, Amica, both of whom have the power to pierce the veil that separates the upper and lower spiritual realms, while Bhark fights for the salvation—and ultimate redemption—of his eternal soul.

Book review

Based on the actual discovery of a human mummy in the Ötztal Alps, Neil Perry Gordon’s profound and unforgettable fantasy thriller, Ötzi’s Odyssey: The Troubled Soul of a Neolithic Iceman, imagines the mummy’s past, creating an intriguing world where the afterlife and the natural world intersect.

As Bhark watches the men retrieve the Iceman from the frozen ground, he feels a strange connection to the mummy. In 3300 BCE, Bhark had been banished from his clan after his rival, Shadrach, dislodged him from his position as chief. To reclaim his seat and reunite his family, Bhark struck a deal with the devious soul hunter, Creyak. The deal sends Bhark on an arduous journey across the dark realms of Gehenna where Bhark hopes to achieve redemption.

The settings are brought to life by Gordon’s imaginative storytelling that creates striking imagery of Bhark’s world. The background features the magnificent Lake Neith that lies close to his clan’s settlement and the steep, picturesque mountainous landscape which is dotted by majestic pine trees. Blending the spiritual and the natural and the past and present, the plot weaves through multiple realms which host intriguing characters. On his journey, Bhark encounters an elusive seer who offers her guidance, monstrous, wild animals which feature in his people’s legends and ferocious demonic lords who torture and destroy those they govern. Driven by the hope of seeing his family, Bhark trudges through each realm. The story bristles with excitement as it covers each action scene. Bhark must prove himself against the demonic forces he encounters. His journey is not straightforward and throughout his path, he discovers many surprises and revelations that he has to overcome. The story also moves at a swift pace that builds the tension in the book. The characters featured are very intriguing and compelling. Neil Perry Gordon does an exemplary job of building the main character’s background story while connecting his past to the present.

Ötzi’s Odyssey by Neil Perry Gordon is a page-turner that every fan of thrillers should grab. Its original and surprising twists invite readers into an epic journey through onerous trials as the novel’s main character strives for spiritual restoration. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Ötzi’s Odyssey by Neil Perry Gordon. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Artisan Book Reviews.

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