Drop the S: Recovering From Superwoman Syndrome by Dr. Marybeth Crane

Drop the S: Recovering From Superwoman Syndrome by Dr. Marybeth Crane
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Women have long been told that they can be, do, or have anything they want-as long as they’re willing to pay the price. Enter Superwoman Syndrome and a generation of highly educated, successful, stressed out, professional moms. Women physicians, attorneys, and professionals are now responsible for their offices, employees, and clients or patients, as well as their home, husband, and children. It’s a burden that only Superwoman could carry. And it leads to burnout, extreme fatigue, emotional strain, and physical breakdown.

In Drop the S: Recovering from Superwoman Syndrome, Dr. Marybeth Crane presents a window into the often chaotic, exhaustive, and stressful lives of today’s working mothersThis important work will empower you to find physical, mental, spiritual, and financial wellness and will remind you of what’s important in life.

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Artisan Book Review:

Drop the S: Recovering From Superwoman Syndrome by Dr. Marybeth Crane is a totally relevant book for women today. It speaks frankly about the lives women have built up around themselves and the impossible expectations they set. If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, depressed and you are crying out for meaning, then this is the book for you.

Modern women are overburdened with expectations we put on ourselves. These expectations are fed to us by a society fueled by advertising of what perfection looks like – perfect families, perfect careers, perfect bodies – perfect everything. And, these expectations are unrealistic and damaging to us!

Dr. Crane shares her personal story. She opens up about her failed marriage and the struggles she has faced raising her children. She also discusses her life as a successful doctor, athlete and the moving loss of her unborn baby.

On the surface we might look at Dr. Crane’s life and think, ‘Wow! She’s got it all!’ She has been well educated, she’s rich in comparison to most of the women in the world and she is surrounded by people who love her. When I started reading, I thought, what could I learn from this book? Sure, we are about the same age, but I have only a few of the successes she has, and I live in a different part of the world.

Once I started, I realized that Dr. Crane’s book speaks to all women. It doesn’t matter where you live or what age you are. If you are trying to hold down a career, study, keep fit, raise a family or maybe just own a well-adjusted dog, then this book will help you realize that you need to stop, take a break and plan how you are going to look after yourself. I downloaded a gratitude app only minutes after I finished reading it, for example.

Dr. Marybeth Crane’s story is all of our stories. Of the many things I took away from this book one stands out. That is, I’m already a superwoman, even though I might be an imperfect one. I’m grateful for me and what I have achieved, and yes, I’m brave enough to say it is enough. So, this review is me thanking Dr. Crane for her courage and insight, and her generosity in sharing her story and her amazing advice with us all. Don’t hesitate, read this book because regardless of who you are, you need to learn how to drop the ‘S’ and love who you are. Drop the S: Recovering From Superwoman Syndrome by Dr. Marybeth Crane is an incredible book and help and comes recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

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