A Richer Dust Concealed by R P Nathan – Book Review

A Richer Dust Concealed by R P Nathan
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Alt="a richer dust concealed"A Richer Dust Concealed by R P Nathan

A gripping historical mystery thriller you won’t be able to put down!

This is a tale that spans four centuries, revolving around the fabulous Most Holy Cross of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. This priceless artifact is buried in Cyprus in 1570, to hide it from the invading Turks. An Italian squire named Girolamo Polidoro is witness to the secret hiding place of the treasure, the beauty of which is forever burned into his mind. Polidoro leaves a diary in Venice, the end of which is a coded message of the cross’s whereabouts. An English code-breaker comes across the diary in 1915 but dies in Gallipoli before he can crack the secret. And all the while the mysterious Venetian ‘Council of Ten’ has also been searching for the cross.

When John, one of six young back-packers, buys a book in Rome in 1992, he has no idea of the danger he has just put himself and his friends in. A treasure hunt begins, but will the Council of Ten allow it to continue?

For those who find history fascinating A Richer Dust Concealed is a real gem. Mystery and puzzle solving fans will also love this timeless and intricate tale. For fans of Dan Brown and Tom Harper, this intelligent historical mystery will hook you with its ingenious plot and meticulously researched content.

Artisan Book Review:

A Richer Dust Concealed by R P Nathan is an incredible original novel for history buffs, conspiracy junkies and puzzle solvers. This is a thrilling new mystery that will keep you glued to the pages!

Move over Dan Brown, for the extremely accomplished R P Nathan has delivered us a religious conspiracy thriller like no other.  A Richer Dust Concealed is an epic tale spanning from the Ottoman Empires’ invasion of Cyprus in 1570, to a back-packers holiday in Italy in 1992.  What could they possibly have in common you think, well let me explain.  Girolamo Polidoro is a Venetian and serving as a squire in Cyprus in 1570.  Just before the Turks invade he is given a glimpse of The Most Holy Cross of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.  That one sighting of such a treasure was to shape his entire life.  The cross is hidden, and Girolamo knows where.  For various reasons he doesn’t share the location (even under torture) and the cross remains lost throughout history.  Until, an English code-breaker called Henry Shaeffer, is sent to Venice in 1915 and comes across Girolamo’s diary.  He translates the book, but then is sent to Dardanelles, and the location of the cross once more slips into history.  Then in 1992, when John is looking for a present for the alluring Sarah, he is asked if he would like to buy the diary of Girolamo Polidoro and with it, the translation and notebook of Henry Shaeffer.  At this point, the lives of the three men interlock and a Venetian conspiracy about ‘The Council of Ten’ comes to light around our everyday-man John, and his five friends.  Who can decipher the code at the back of the diary, and who will find the treasure first?    

R P Nathan writes with flair, presenting us with a first-rate novel.  Believable characters in a gripping plot and a treasure hunt extraordinaire that will have you hooked and wanting more.  A Richer Dust Concealed by R P Nathan is a top-notch suspense-mystery and comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. 

Buy A Richer Dust Concealed today, for an intelligent, brain-teasing adventure!
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Artisan Book Reviews awards “A Richer Dust Concealed by R P Nathan” first place in our
2021 ABR Book Excellence Awards Contest.
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About the Author
R P Nathan has been writing fiction, plays and poetry for more than 30 years. He is best known for hilarious romantic comedy The Second Best Man,  heartbreaking and uplifting wartime literary thriller The Collaborators, and wonderful literary treasure hunt A Richer Dust Concealed.
Find out more about these and other works at rpnathan.com and while you’re there join the R P Nathan Readers’ Club to receive a free short story.