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Playing for Keeps: How a 21st Century Businesswoman Beat the Boys by Therese Allison
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Alt="playing for keeps"Playing for Keeps: How a 21st century businesswoman beat the boys by Therese Allison 

All her life, Therese Allison wanted to beat the boys – from the playground to the boardroom. She became the first female producing Partner in an insurance brokerage company tied to Lloyd’s of London where, for 300 years, women weren’t allowed on the underwriting floor. In Playing For Keeps, Ms. Allison shares her pearls of wisdom that created the framework for success, not only for her, but for her children. After mentoring her son to become one of the youngest Principals in a multi-billion company headquartered in New York, Ms. Allison now shares her wisdom with the world. With authenticity and humor, she also recounts her adventures and misadventures during her travels around the globe as her “Lucy Moments.” In 1992, her father, Gould Allison, started researching their family history. After his passing, Therese discovered their blue-blood business pedigree—from pioneer ancestors who settled California during the Gold Rush, to her grandfather who rivaled William Mulholland in the race for L.A. water, to Winston Churchill and a connection to Abraham Lincoln. In discovering her heritage, she finally understood her drive to succeed… and she found her community. As a woman at the highest levels in business, Therese blazed new trails and conquered her own frontier. Like her ancestors before her, she saw the impossible become possible—and now she’s sharing her pearls of wisdom with you. The paperback version is in black and white. The hardcover version is in color.

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Playing for Keeps by Therese Allison is a must-read for anyone wanting to understand the mind-set of a groundbreaking pioneer of female executives.  Fascinating and refreshingly open and honest, this is a biography of a successful businesswoman you won’t want to miss!

Descendant to a family of pioneers with a strong work ethic and a disposition to problem solving and ignoring naysayers, T. Allison follows in their mind-set.  She forges her own path into the world of business men, with as much innovation and determination as the men in her bloodline.  She wants to win.  Her mind set is positive and she has a knack for solving problems.  Her family history flows through these pages, it is rich and interesting and I loved all the photographs and newspaper clippings.  Also flowing throughout are Therese’s ‘pearls of wisdom.’  These important principles are displayed throughout her life, especially in her career.  I thought their repetition was well done and being mixed into her family’s life, as well as her own life in and out of work was smart and poignant.  I found this to be a wonderful read on several levels: It is encouraging and inspiring; extremely motivating and fabulously interesting.  My favorite line comes from her dad’s prayer diary – My heart is full as I embark on all of this with zeal, I wish my spirit would overflow with such positivity.  I hold on to one of the quotes that appear at the beginning of each chapter – The elevator to success is out of order.  You’ll have to use the stairs… one step at a time. (Joe Giraid)   Mindset is everything and if we can read Therese’s memoir and take away a little of her attitude we will be in a better place.

Therese Allison presents us with a book that is in part a family memoir and in part an insight into the mindset of an extremely successful businesswoman.  I laughed, I cried and I scribbled down lessons I wanted to learn.  This intimate biography is inspiring and timeless.  If you have ever dreamed of retiring at 43 and wondered how you can achieve such a thing, then this is a book you can’t afford to pass by.  Playing for Keeps by Therese Allison is a great read, and highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

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