Tomorrows End: The Path of a Savior (1) by G. R. Morris

Tomorrows End: The Path of a Savior (1) by G. R. Morris
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Alt="tomorrows end"Tomorrows End: The Path of a Savior (1) by G. R. Morris

Do you have free will?

He never asked to be a hero, but the universe didn’t give him a choice.

Kevin Knight never wanted to be the one to save the galaxy. But when tragedy upends his life and demonic forces steal his soul, the fate of time and space are sealed. Until a scaly, trench-coat-clad alien appears and gives him a glimpse into the true nature of all things.

Astounded, Kevin learns the world he knows is merely an illusion created by alien beings who control humanity’s every move. With an invasion imminent, he must defeat the blackness and perfect his powers before the bloody battle begins.

Which prophecy will Kevin fulfill… the one of darkness or the one of light?

Artisan Book Review:

Freewill and the assurance that good will always win over evil are privileges that are not always guaranteed in G. R. Morris’s incredible blood-curdling dystopian thriller, Tomorrows End: The Path of a Savior (1).

In the novel, bloody battles between different factions of aliens continue to rage with human beings as the pawns. Two human saviors arise from the chaos to save humanity. Both are thrust into their roles without much of a choice. Kevin Knight, one of the protagonists, embarks on a thought-provoking journey that has him question whether all that he has ever known is just an illusion, and whether he could probably be just another puppet in the grand scheme of things. The story raises interesting philosophical questions: Are human beings responsible for their fate? Is there a different reality from what humans know?  The questions are addressed through Kevin’s captivating experiences as he is led by a terrifying, flesh-eating alien into an unusual realm that runs on different rules than those Kevin is familiar with. Quotes from real historical characters are also included alongside those of the fictional characters making the story even more gripping. Daren and Kevin’s humanistic views and behaviors are a relief against the background of horrifying aliens and their schemes. Both emerge from traumatic backgrounds that strengthen and prepare them for their future missions. Conflict is a dominant theme in the book that is achieved through harrowing scenes which include the continuous deaths of millions of human beings.  The scenes paint the chaotic picture of the dystopian society that the story is set in. The plot moves between the recent past and the future. This style creates a complex, fascinating sequence of events that shows the background of the characters in the story and their future. Chilling conversations between aliens, gods, and humans are included, which cleverly helps to explain the story and the protagonists’ missions.

Tomorrows End: The Path of a Savior (1) by G. R. Morris is fascinating, alarming and compelling. It’s an original science-fiction work that challenges reality as we know it. Its discussions are intriguing and thought-provoking and its incredible well-developed characters face their bizarre world with strength and courage. This is a one-of-a-kind story filled with staggering twists and turns which had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish turning the pages quickly to find out what could possibly happen next. It’s a thrilling, mind-blowing and horrific dystopian tale written by a skillful and gifted storyteller.

Tomorrows End: The Path of a Savior (1) by G. R. Morris is Artisan Book Reviews top featured favorite novel and comes highly recommended!!

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Tomorrows End: The Path of a Savior (1) by G. R. Morris
Published by Geoffrey R Morris on February 11, 2021
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