Book Review for The Sword Brotherhood by S.J. Hartland

by S.J. Hartland
Series: The Shadow Sword
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The Sword Brotherhood (The Shadow Sword series) by S. J. Hartland


The compelling third book in the Shadow Sword series viciously ramps up the stakes in a darkly psychological, brutal, and heartbreaking story of jealousy, treachery, and courage in the face of loss.

The Seer King is helpless

Betrayed by the man who should have been his fiercest ally, Roaran is Archanin’s prisoner. The fallen god shackles his prize in a desolate castle hidden by magic – a solitary possession to be tortured and humiliated. But there’s something dangerous his captor wants from Roaran, and if he breaks, the dark legacy of his fall will change the fate of kingdoms.

Save him or kill him

As city after city is seduced by Archanin, Dannon struggles to hold the Sword Brotherhood of ancient warriors together. He wants to save Roaran. But if he can’t, he’ll have to kill him.

The secret keeper

The brotherhood’s only hope of defeating Archanin is a young woman trapped in the past. Warrior, sorceress, Genya knows keeping secrets is how you survive. Now she must decide between duty and power. But when the brotherhood makes its final desperate stand against a tyrant and deceiver, what if the chosen one chooses evil?

A breathtaking, heart-pounding journey into darkness and the redemptive power of friendship.
The darkest yet in the Shadow Sword saga, The Sword Brotherhood will enthrall fans of this epic fantasy series from the author of the award-winning The 19th Bladesman.
Book Review for The Sword Brotherhood:

The Sword Brotherhood by S.J. Hartland is the third book in the gripping The Shadow Sword series.  Character driven from the start, this is a dark psychological fantasy in epic proportions.  Totally engrossing and hard to put down, this is a fantasy series you will not want to miss.

Although this story is given to us from several main character viewpoints, Roaran dominates the book with both his character and chapters dedicated to him.  This man of many titles, such as Seer King and Death Rider to name only two, commands your attention as you hastily turn the pages.  What happens to him is dark and harrowing, yet as a reader you won’t be able to turn your eyes away.  The list of names he has represent the many layers of his character, but one name, one layer, has been lost.  When the Ghoul King Archanin imprisons this ‘tool of the gods’ he starts ripping apart this Dread Lord, stripping away parts of him as he seeks to control Roaran and get him to bend the knee.  In the process of blood-lust horror, the unexpected happens and Roaran can almost see that one name he has forgotten, that one name that he suddenly realizes means everything.

My favorite character, surprisingly, is the enemy and a ghoul who serves Archanin most loyally.  Raggamirron, I can’t say more without giving away spoilers, all I can say is sometimes facing a monster reminds us we are human.  Which ties in to one of my favorite lines, which is:  “But take that first step into the darkness, and there is suddenly a path.” The plot is deep and clever.  The characters you love or hate, but can’t ignore.  This imaginative saga, seeped in darkness, love, trust, betrayal and pain can certainly give GOT a run for its money.  Battle scenes mix with contemplative moments, giving this high-action, good clashing with evil, heart-thumping story, moments to relax.

Hats off to S.J. Hartland who has produced a quick-paced, sweeping saga you can’t put down.   The Sword Brotherhood is frightening, dark and masterfully written An epic fantasy that will have your heart pounding.  The Sword Brotherhood (The Shadow Sword series) by S.J. Hartland is undeniably recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book review for The Sword Brotherhood read and written by: T N Traynor for ABR.

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Book Review for The Sword Brotherhood