Beautiful But Strange by J. J. Sorel – Book Review

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="beautiful but strange"Beautiful But Strange: Entire Series Bundle by J. J. Sorel 


Yes, I admit it. I chained myself to his pole.

I’m talking about the ancient oak tree his firm was going to chop down. Get your mind out of the gutter.

That’s how I met Sam Chalmer, the gorgeous only son of tycoon Carrington Chalmer. His company had plans to fell this beautiful old tree on behalf of a silent partner, and I wasn’t about to let it happen without a fight.

Even though it was tempting to just give in. I was thoroughly enjoying the idea of being at Sam’s mercy while he figured out just what to do with me—until the area started to flood and I realized I had lost the key to unlock myself.

This may have started as an environmental statement, but it’s clear we’re both in over our heads…


There I was, avoiding my father’s typical patriarchal machinations and minding my own business, when I found out that Juniper Berry, an aptly-named daughter of genuine hippies, had chained herself to a tree my company was going to cut down.

I had plenty of ideas how to turn Juni’s playful taunting to my advantage, seeing as she was literally chained to a tree in front of me, her body on full display. None of them involved nearly drowning or a boat rescue.

Now things are even more complicated: I’m falling for a literal tree-hugger when I’m supposed to be heiress hunting and managing a big business deal—and it’s all because I made a promise to save that damn oak tree.

I’m never underestimating foliage again.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: There are a few steamy sex scenes in this enemy-to-lovers romantic comedy. For those who have read Thornhill Trilogy and are curious about the Thornhills four years later, they make an appearance in this story when Sam moves from San Francisco to Malibu and they become neighbors.


In J. J. Sorel’s steamy, humorous romance series, Beautiful But Strange, a passionate love story develops between the son of a business magnate and the eccentric daughter of hippies.

Compiled into three books, the series begins by an unusual, dramatic meeting between Sam Chalmer and Juniper “Juni” Berry. Juni is tied to her beloved tree, hoping to save it from land developers. Sam, who is there to clear the land, is immediately taken by the strong-willed Juni. Meanwhile, a frightening storm gathers speed, releasing a downpour that threatens to drown Juni who is still tied to the tree. Sam swings into motion, trying frantically to save her. Later, as they reminisce about their earlier meeting, Juni begins to realize that Sam is not the entitled, indifferent person she thought he was. Unfazed by their differences, Juni and Sam become inseparable as they struggle to overcome the challenges posed by their domineering fathers.

The novel’s fast pace pushes forward Sam and Juni’s intense relationship which quickly develops after their first meeting. The plot is marked by many funny moments that entertain throughout the book. The characters are realistic and complex. Juni has quirky traits and is insecure in some ways while Sam struggles to break free from his father’s grasp and his irrational expectations. In many ways, Sam and Juni’s backgrounds are similar as they are characterized by authoritative fathers who have their own ideas of what their children should become. Their differences form the foundation for the conflicts in the novel. Told from both Juni and Sam’s perspectives, the novel gives a closer glimpse into their personal opinions which makes them feel real. Both characters are amazing and well developed, while the storyline is captivating and dazzling. Readers won’t want to miss this remarkable, well-written novel,

Beautiful But Strange by J. J. Sorel is a heart-warming romance story that entertains through its well-crafted dialogue and its authentic characters.

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