The Hermit Trilogy: The Sweet Land by V J Evans

The Hermit Trilogy: The Sweet Land by V J Evans
Series: The Hermit Trilogy
Published by Filiast on October 16, 2019
Genres: Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction, Inspirational
Pages: 233
Format: Kindle
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The Hermit Trilogy: The Sweet Land by V J EVANS 


Sometimes the right path is not the easy one…

A new king, an insult, and a comet are triggers of change as war comes to fourteenth-century Britain.
Like a gauntlet of challenge, Glyndŵr’s warbands launch attacks on the new king’s men, striking at the English forces from their camps deep in the lush Welsh hills. As bloody mayhem sweeps across the land, innocent people are terrorized to try to subdue the uprising before the flicker turns into flame. Then the rallying cry is clear – fight for independence or live as an oppressed people in your own country.
But which side do you support when you have a mix of nations in your blood? English, Welsh and Normans have shared ties of marriage and family. Even in his remote corner of the Gower coast, Jean-Felipe the hermit sees a future where friend will turn against friend as each one asks themselves in their heart: how far are I prepared to go to defend those I love?
For some there is a new generation to protect.

Although he is a man of peace, for Jean-Felipe the choice is simple. He must face the eye of the coming storm and prove once and for all that no force is stronger than his faith – in himself, in his Creator and most of all, in his people.


The Hermit Trilogy: The Sweet Land by V J EVANS is a remarkable, well-written and captivating story that must be read by all historical fiction readers! It is that good!

I was so excited to start the second book in this delightful series, I couldn’t wait to dive in and I wasn’t disappointed! I am delighted to say that The Hermit Trilogy: The Sweet Land by V J Evans is as superbly written as book one, The Isle of Tides. In book two our wonderful characters return in this rich historical novel.

The book starts and finishes with our endearing Hermit, and I was so eager to read and see how his story ends. All of our other characters are back, the author cleverly weaving their lives together. Fleeman has become another main point of interest for me and I am very much enjoying watching how his life is unfolding. Clemency’s story also continues as does her son Guise and her daughter Edith.

V J Evans meticulous research rewards us with a story seeped in historical facts laced together with her wonderful imagination and all her marvelous characters she has created, so that we can watch the war between the English and the Welsh through their eyes.  The imagery of the people and the lands and their way of living is so good, I really could see everything and get a feel for what life was like back in 1399. The differences between the rich and poor are described extremely well with little flourishes of details that bring the book to life. The author also skillfully describes the difference of opinion between the rich and poor, the male and female, the English and the Welsh and also all those in-between that live in the part of Wales, that to this day still refer to themselves ‘as neither Welsh nor English we be!’

The Hermit Trilogy: The Sweet Land by V J Evans is the second installment of a series that you won’t want to miss.  Beautiful storytelling, eloquent writing, cleverly devised plot, real and interesting characters make this a not-to-be-missed historical classic. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends this amazing book.
Reviewed by T N Traynor for Artisan Book Reviews.

Purchase The Hermit Trilogy: The Sweet Land by V J Evans today! You will love it!


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