The Last Seer King by S. J. Hartland

The Last Seer King Series: The Shadow Sword Series
Published by Dark Blade Publishing on July 12, 2019
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Epic High Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery Fiction
Pages: 609
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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The Last Seer King (The Shadow Sword series) by S. J. Hartland



A rich tapestry of dark magic, obsession, dangerous prophecy, and the forgiveness found through friendship.

An ancient king returns…

For centuries, Roaran sought redemption. Now he can vanquish a tyrant and save a realm in chaos. But only if he cuts his last ties to humanity. Only if he returns to the one place that he swore he’d never dare go again…

A leader arises…

Slaver, raider, and warlord, Dannon wants to believe in something beyond killing. His yearning will take him on a deadly path to his destiny… that he’s fated to put aside all he believes in and fight a war he can’t win.

A warrior in chains…

A prisoner in the Iceland’s, about to be auctioned to the highest bidder, Val Arques has just one chance to escape and find Kaell before it’s too late—win at his captor’s dangerous psychological and sexual game or reveal the secret that will destroy him.

A prophecy unfolds…

As for Kaell… fate isn’t quite done with him yet.

For the darkness taking over the kingdom can’t be defeated by the sword, only with the heart.

In a world of poetry and song, but also treachery, betrayal, and bloodshed, the second volume in the raw and breathtaking Shadow Sword series will enthrall fans of Game of Thrones and Prince of Thorns.


The Last Seer King (The Shadow Sword series) is an amazing dark fantasy written by the remarkable and talented writer, S. J. Hartland.

This is book two of The Shadow Sword series and is a blending of dangerous prophecy, and entrenched in sorcery and dark magic, with uncanny and unsuspecting enemies and alliances. The heart of the story bleeds from its deep secrets and the fight for redemption from evil. From the beginning when an ancient king returns the story unfolds into a cinematic universe. S. J. Hartland’s novel is skillfully written from multiple points of view, a feat not many authors can accomplish. Hartland makes the story clear with her well-developed characters and seamless storytelling pitching the characters in magical places and suspenseful and electrifying relationships.

This breath-taking dark fantasy, The Last Seer King, is packed with suspense with a dab of romance in just the right places and circumstances for enriching the overall story. The fans of Games of Thrones and Prince of Thorns will especially enjoy the psychological and sexual games in the enemy’s arsenal when vying to discover secrets to defeat their enemy. The reader will question how much more the characters can withstand and remain sane with some skin on their backs. And, how can they reclaim their kingdom when swordplay falls short against the sorcery used by their enemies?

From the opening paragraph, the reader is placed into the middle of chaos after the battle leaving only remnants of the city behind and death in its wake. The author, S. J. Hartland, weaves us through the sacrifices, upheavals, and bloodshed the surviving warriors faced in their fight to reclaim their kingdom and keep their deep secrets. With remarkable well-developed characters, an amazing storyline and plot and the author’s outstanding expressive writing style, The Last Seer King (The Shadow Sword series) is by S. J. Hartland is a must-read for ALL fantasy fans. Highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.
Book reviewed by CJ Bowen for Artisan Book Reviews

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