The Warramunga’s War By Greg Kater – Book Review

by Greg Kater
Genres: Espionage, Historical Fiction, War
Format: Paperback

Alt="the warramungas war"The Warramunga’s War By Greg Kater

The Warramunga’s War is a sweeping narrative of the friendship that forms between a young Australian army officer, Jamie Munro, and an educated half-caste Warramunga aboriginal NCO, Jack ‘Jacko’ O’Brien, during the Syrian campaign against the Vichy French in World War II. Jacko rescues a wounded Jamie after which they are conscripted in Cairo by MI6. Here, Jamie and Jacko learn about the seamy side of war in counterespionage as they track down German spies. The principal fictional characters interact with actual historical figures and events throughout the story.

As the desert war escalates to the west of Cairo, the MI6 team confuses the enemy with misleading radio messages using German codes and using local entertainers as undercover agents. On one of his day leaves, Jacko meets a beautiful young Syrian-French girl and a strong romantic bond forms between the two during his time in Cairo.

Following the end of the desert war, Jamie and Jacko are assigned to wartime intelligence work in Southeast Asia. After the end of the Pacific war, they initiate the Darwin operations of the CIS, the Commonwealth Investigation Service. On the trail of two suspected wartime German agents, they discover the agents have formed a dangerous criminal gang with an individual they had known during their time in Cairo. The tracking skills of the Warramunga are needed to finally catch up with the murderous gang in Western Australia’s Kimberley region.


The Warramunga’s War by Greg Kater is an extraordinary historical fiction novel filled with espionage, war and mystery. In it, readers follow the lives of two men, Jamie and Jacko, fighting together in the Middle East and Egypt during World War II. Jacko saves Jamie’s life and they quickly become close friends. They are allocated different assignments in different fields of action that they implement and carry out. Jamie, Lieutenant James Munro, is an officer in the Australian army and Jacko, Sergeant Jack O’ Brien, is an Australian army officer, as well. Together they make a great team and their close friendship and communication with real people from history is the central theme of this fabulous story. Their adventures are paramount and readers will follow along with them on their journey into war and espionage.

This book is filled with twists and turns and had me turning the pages quickly to find out what would happen next. I was fully engaged from the very first chapter all the way to the satisfying conclusion. This a great book. If you love historical war fiction with mystery, espionage and some romance, you will love The Warramunga’s War. The characters are fully developed with complete back stories and interesting dialogue between them. There is an array of colorful characters that are essential and fully appreciated. Their interaction and communication is written well. Author Greg Kater is a fine writer and I have had the pleasure of reading all three of his books in the Warramunga series. He manages to create a brilliant storyline and plot full of mystery and excitement that all comes together magnificently at the end. I’m not going to give away any spoilers, one must get this book and read it to find out how remarkable it truly is.

The Warramunga’s War will interest and engross all discerning readers. It is engaging, compelling and exciting, full of intrigue and enigma, I completely enjoyed the puzzling mysteries that this book held. The narrative is original and creative making for a fantastic read. The descriptive writing had me on the scene fully present watching on as the story unfolded. Greg Kater takes a complicated story and ties it all up neatly with an easy to follow along storyline and plot. He is an exceptional writer and all his books are excellent. I can’t wait to read more books penned by him, as I can never get enough. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends The Warramunga’s War, book one, in the Warramunga series. Get yourself a copy and be captivated and fully entertained.

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