Over the Hill and Gaining Speed – Kay G. Rock – Book Review

by Kay G. Rock
Genres: Essays, Inspirational
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="over the hill and gaining speed"Over the Hill and Gaining Speed: Reflections in Retirement by Kay G. Rock


Fasten your seatbelts, we’re going for a ride! Readers of all ages will relate to these observations of the journey of life with all its bumps, turns, and exhilaration. “Over the Hill and Gaining Speed” is a collection of non-fiction essays that explore, examine and observe the transition to retirement through the lenses of travel, daily life, relationships, special days, and inspiring people. Sometimes poignant, sometimes comedic, always relatable, these compelling vignettes have been likened to an unexpected call from your best friend. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these charming essays that offer plenty to ponder and much to celebrate.


Over the Hill and Gaining Speed: Reflections in Retirement by Kay G. Rock is a splendid work of essays in which the author shares about her own experiences and thoughts on life, aging and transitioning to retirement. With wisdom and humor, she relays to readers the importance of enjoying all that life has to offer.

With a fresh voice, a wealth of knowledge and intuitive observations, Kay G. Rock brings readers an insightful and clever look at the beauty of our life’s journey and the delight of retirement. She states that life is indeed unpredictable, and as long as we have a great attitude, and are an active participant, it can be very rewarding.

In Over the Hill and Gaining Speed the writing is very beautiful, artful and engaging with an adventure-like feel, as we read about Kay’s life. Her vignettes are inspiring, encouraging and uplifting. I could fully relate and found myself smiling and nodding in appreciation that she understands the human condition so well. She reminds readers that every stage in life holds its own joys and opportunities that should be fully embraced.

With all the humor and wit that is packed into this book, there are also times of contemplation and seriousness.  In this compelling and thought-provoking book of essays, Kay G. Rock, takes readers on a ride full of laughs, emotion and self-examination. This is remarkable book which reminds readers to embrace life’s ups and downs, live life to the fullest and experience the richness and joy of life. Kay G. Rock is an exemplary writer and teller of stories. Highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.

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